24. Jan, 2017

Another headhunter on my blacklist ...

As I mentioned earlier, I assume companies are maintaining blacklists with candidates that will not get a second chance, when they apply again for a different position. In the meantime I am maintaining something similar for headhunter companies (see on the left - black characters on black paper to keep it confidential 🙂).

First time I was not really happy anymore with the headhunter company that I have in mind right now, was the moment they changed their web presence/design and the minimal application status/progress information they offered so far was gone completely. Then the experience with the reference for my former employee that I did describe on 15-Jan-17 (being not emotional enough). Finally a really young guy (I did check his profile on XING to verify) calling me in a very informal style yesterday for a senior manager position I applied for on Saturday. Fast reaction time, what is very much appreciated, but the way this was going further is absolutely not acceptable. We agreed a more detailed phone call the same day in the afternoon, as it seemed to be urgent from his side. He did not show up to the scheduled call and I did send him a message via XING 30 minutes later. Asking him, what is going on and telling him that my salary expectation might not fit his budget for the position. Another 30 minutes later he answered by email - he did discuss the case with a colleague, yes my salary does not match, he missed the call due to operational stress on his side, ...

Sorry, but this was the final piece missing to make it onto my headhunter company blacklist 🤒. In the last six month I had intercation with a lot of headhunters in a wide range of age, but this is not the way to treat your customer and a potential candidate that will bring you 20% of a yearly salary.

I am really a relaxed and tolerant guy and can understand that people are missing experience and have a stressful day or time, but sometimes it is just too much, as it was yesterday.

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The two phone interviews yesterday and today did go really well and could be promising opportunities, I will know more end of this or early next week. I did agree another F2F interview for Monday next week and could clarify the funny story from Saturday in the meantime. The expected phone interview related to this position will be arranged short-term. All positive in the moment.

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