31. Jan, 2017

How to stay motivated on a long journey ...

You have basically to kind of people, let's call them the "glass half-full" and "glass half-empty" guys. I am sure you know, what I am talking about? For both kind of guys there will be the moment during a long journey, when the motivation is going down, it is just a matter of time, how quickly this will happen. How can you get the motivation up again, to finish your journey successfully? Some thoughts and ideas from my side, just to think about it and maybe get another perspective? - No guarantee!! 🙂

Questions you could ask yourself:

  • What is the worst that can happen? How realistic is this scenario? e.g. You are the best fit for the job, but nobody realizes it.
  • How did you solve similar problems in the past?
  • What is your general problem solving strategy/approach?
  • Can you use some of your strength to improve the situation?
  • What would your role models do?
  • Seek for help from your mentor, friend, adviser, etc.

Quotes that might be helpful:

Some comments from my side:

  • If you do not trust in yourself, why should other people do?
  • If your current approach does not work, change it!!
  • Fill waiting time for feedback to your application with other productive work, quick wins --> be successful in other areas, to keep the motivation up and to see, it can be done and you can do it!!
  • Stay focused, still be open, honest and authentic.

Other helpful references with respect to motivation (only some examples):