5. Feb, 2017

My week thirty status.

Another busy week gone and a lot has been accomplished. I did apply for two new jobs (one for a city and the other one for a local government position, more about this later), was not shortlisted for one and added to the candidate pool for two older positions. I had two F2F interviews (a 1st and a 2nd one for two different jobs) and a phone interview. I had to move my monthly meeting with the government labor office to later in February, due to a conflict with a job interview. They did understand, but I have to provide a confirmation paper that I had been at the interview. All very strict, don't mess with the process 🙃.

The Digital Media Usage working group in my daughter's school was on Friday. Pretty similar to any industry working environment. A too positive view of the current situation and every new idea is slowed down or even stopped with the "no money, no time, no resources" argument. This will be a long journey, to get everybody aligned and motivated, to improve the situation for our kids.

Coming back to the IT leader position in a city near by my home. I do understand it is an application for a job in the public environment with some special rules that have to be strictly applied due to transparency reasons, but it is kind of funny as well. I did apply via the job portal of the government labor office and did get the confirmation letter via mail.   --> "You have to wait until the application period is over; no selection can happen before this date; please do not call us; the selection team will invite for an interview, if you have been shortlisted ...". Will be interesting to see the final outcome.

I just finished my job seeking statistic for the last 30 weeks. 113 applications so far, not shortlisted in 64% of the cases, 20% have been added to a headhunter candidate pool and 16% are still work in progress. 18% of the applications did lead to a 1st job interview (either on the phone or F2F), 4% did even lead to a 2nd interview. No new position yet, but there will be a final decision coming next week for the position I had the 2nd interview last Thursday. Would be a really interesting position, but I cannot influence the outcome anymore.

Next week I plan to finish my business plan for the plan B scenario, working as a self employed headhunter, as the business founder seminar is scheduled for the next Saturday. Passing this seminar is a prerequisite to get any financial sponsoring of the government labor office. Besides that I want to start the Python programming course at Udacity and have another phone interview with a headhunter scheduled for Wednesday.

Finally some thoughts about Selective Perception. If you start to get interested in buying a new car, you suddenly see this car more often than before. Something similar is happening to me now with job seeking related topics and articles. I found a great one this week in the Fortune Magazine -  Job Hunting After a Certain Age? Erase Your Past (http://fortune.com/2017/01/27/job-hunting-older-resume/). A topic that might be more applying in the USA job market, as you are not requested to mention your date of birth on the application, but could be an interesting topic for Europe and especially Germany as well?

For me personally, being 54 in the moment, it can be a weakness and strength at the same time. In a lot of application processes you will never find out that the final argument to get you off the shortlist was your age, because nobody will tell you. In a lot of other cases it is definitely an advantage, as you are in a more stable and balanced environment. You know who you are and what you want to do. And you are not planning to change the job again in two years from now.

The Fortune Magazine is referencing the following article -  The Y2K Bug… on your resume by Marc Cenedella (https://www.theladders.com/career-advice/y2k-bug-resume/). Marc's webpage The Ladder is offering a lot of great advice for job seekers (https://www.theladders.com/career-advice/), it is worth checking!!

Looking forward to Superbowl 51 tonight. I am not supporting any of the two teams, I am just interested in an exciting and close match. Let's hope the best.

I wish you all a successful and happy next week.