16. Feb, 2017

Keep fighting technical issues ...

Just passed the 5000 overall reader mark. GREAT 😀, thanks a lot for that guys.

Yesterday I finished my open tasks for the Agility Scales application http://agilityscales.com/jobs/:

  • A 250 words article about gamification was not that difficult, as this is one of the industry trends in the moment. It is e.g. used in e-learning, marketing, recruiting, to increase productivity, for customer relationship and internal communication in companies.
  • The two psychological tests for team roles and work values (see https://www.123test.com/) have been easy as well. You cannot fool around it and should be authentic anyway, so answer fast without thinking too much.
  • Finally the 3 minute video, covering the greatest achievement, biggest learning experience and people you admire most. I tried to make it easy and as authentic as possible, so only one shot and no cutting. Easier said than done, as you have to get your content into the available time. After some tries I came to an acceptable result and a file with 105MB. When I wanted to upload the file to the Agility Scales page, the filesize was restricted to 10MB max. S*** happens, but after using some technical tricks and spending another 30 minutes my filesize was below the magic barrier.
  • After the download some more questions had been asked about skills in the area of Web, App, Game, System, Business, etc. Design and Development.
  • Final feedback for this round and possible next step will be announced on or before March 1. We will see 😎.

Besides that I am in discussion with some headhunters about new opportunities. The planned phone interview from yesterday had to be moved to next week Friday, due to illness of the IT Director. Today afternoon I will talk to a consulting company in software development, if there are some opportunities to support them with some process and tool deployment activities.

To possibly offer an over lunch time program/project in the school of my daughter for a dedicated period of time, I was looking into object oriented programming languages for kids in the age between 10 and 16 today. There is a hugh variety of solutions available, just difficult to select the right one that will be easy to train and interesting enough for the kids of today.

Finally two interesting articles from Jeremy Schifeling (https://www.linkedin.com/in/schifeling) around recruiting: