21. Feb, 2017

Some funny stories

There are moments, when the feedback of companies to your application are really funny, even when you have not been shortlisted.

Two examples below, I used Google translate with some small adjustments:

  • We are coming back today (this was yesterday) to your application from 07-Oct-2016.
    In the meantime, we have checked whether we can offer you an appropriate activity within our company. Unfortunately, we had to conclude that this is not possible at the moment. Also, there is no position that we can offer you in a reasonable time in the future. We would like to wish you a great success in your search for a job that meets your needs.

  • Thank you very much for your application documents. We are pleased that you are interested in a professional future at XXX. To our regret, however, we must inform you that we cannot take you into account for the position you have applied for. Please understand that due to the many qualified and high-quality applications often only details are decisive. Your application has nevertheless made a positive impression with us. Should you find another interesting position in our Job Portal, we are looking forward to your new application. We hope that you will remain connected to XXX despite this undoubtedly disappointing news, and wish you all the best for your future personal and professional plans.

In the 2nd case the recruiting platform, company XXX is using, did offer the capability to tick a box --> use the same application for other suitable positions inside the same company. Interesting that the final email does not know about this feature and the monkey is back to me 🤒.

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