23. Feb, 2017

The "Fifth Season" just started today ...

Today at 11.11 AM the so called "Fifth Season" started and this means not a lot of business activities will be happening until next week Wednesday. If you are interested in more details, see the general summary for Germany at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carnival_in_Germany,_Switzerland_and_Austria, plus a Cologne special feature at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cologne_Carnival. This should give you enough insights, to better understand the background? My family and I are planning to go out for watching parades on Saturday and Sunday, but this is depending on the weather forecast, as a winter storm is expected to start tonight. Last year several big parades had to be moved out to spring time, due to the bad weather conditions.

My monthly meeting with the government labor office did go smoothly on Tuesday and my prepared job application statistic did do the trick. "I seem to be well on my way" and we can extend the time between meetings to two month now. Besides that we did talk about sponsoring of a Coaching or Digital Transformation Consultant education. I am currently working out the details.

The F2F job interview yesterday, the first time that the headhunter was in the meeting together with the "future boss" and me, did go really well. It was more a get-to-know-each-other-better meeting to find out, if a next step would make sense for the involved parties. I am interested to proceed and the headhunter did advise his customer to do the same, he was very positive about the session to me on the phone after the interview. Due to the "Fifth Season" I will not hear back from the company before next week Wednesday.

Looking forward to the phone interview tomorrow with the IT Director, who was ill last week, for the position outside of Germany. Will be an interesting alternative.

Besides all this, two articles that sound kind of funny and seem to be fitting perfectly to the Carnival season, but judge on your own:

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