26. Feb, 2017

Short update about my week thirty three.

Only one new application this week and one case, where I have not been shortlisted. Another four opportunities are still under discussion and have not made it onto my official tracking sheet so far. Due to the "Fifth Season" not a lot will be happening before Wednesday next week, as I told you the last time.

The phone interview with the IT Director on Friday was very interesting and both sides could make their position clear. I will hear back in the week of 06-Mar-17, if we will proceed with next steps.

A lot of interest in my BLOG lately, just passed 5494 as overall number of readers. Last week I had 336 readers, the highest number ever - thanks a lot for that. The five weeks average number of readers is now up to 254, after 167 and 192 in the previous weeks. I will do my best to keep the content as interesting as possible and find other great stories and links for you.

If you are interested in specific areas, please make use of the comments or email capability 😀 of my BLOG. THANKS.

Maybe you like this link? https://www.gatesnotes.com/2017-Annual-Letter. Have a great and successful week full of fun and happiness.