7. Mar, 2017

Headhunters do not have it easy too ...

In general most of us would share the opinion that job seekers have the pressure and a hard life and headhunters are more sitting at the bright side of the table?

This is not always the case as I did find out yesterday. Shortly before Christmas 2016 I got in contact with a headhunter, who was looking for a Global IT Manager for a company close to my home town. After some initial phone calls we could organize a F2F meeting end of January 2017, what required some travel and family organization effort on the headhunter side. We finally agreed to proceed with the application and send my documents to the customer for further review and decision. After a quiet February I got the final feedback yesterday, what made me really sorry for the headhunter and the all the effort spend so far. The customer decided to reject all proposed candidates, as the requirements for the position had been changed in the meantime.

For me this was easy to handle, because I would not be really interested to work in a company that is not able to agree a proper job description up front and takes so much time to decide anyway. But for the headhunter tough luck. You have to start all over again and possibly did not even get paid for the effort spend so far, depending on the agreed payment terms.

My F2F job interview today did go really well and I will hear back in the next two weeks, how to proceed. My answer to the "what are your weak points" question was gummy bears and dark chocolate. This did lead to a valuable and interesting discussion going forward, it was worth given it a try 🙂.

The difficulty lies not so much in developing new ideas as in escaping from old ones.         John Maynard Keynes (English - Economist June 5, 1883 - April 21, 1946)