10. Mar, 2017

Covering different topics of interest ...

One related video to the last BLOG entry around the International Women's Day, a TED talk from Sheryl Sandberg about "Why we have too few women leaders" http://www.ted.com/talks/sheryl_sandberg_why_we_have_too_few_women_leaders 

Besides that the week is pretty quiet so far and the phone calls I was waiting for, did not come so far. But all necessary logistics and administration tasks for the Digital Transformation Consultant education have been done and it can finally start next week Monday with 4 presence days, only Wednesday is off. This will be fun.

Yesterday I had another discussion with the teacher from my daughter's school, who is organizing the Digital Media Usage working group and did ask me for help for additional over lunch time activities. After some searching in the Internet I found a very well prepared and organized framework, to get kids into early programming in school (https://www.appcamps.de/mission_english). This did even meet the educational and didactic requirements of the teacher and we decided to kick off a test run immediately. Will keep you guys posted about the progress we make.

When I did discuss the still missing emails and comments from my BLOG readers with my wife, she proposed to offer a price, like it is common practice in e.g. Facebook or other social media. I could combine this with celebrating the reader # 10,000 🤪, as we will pass this boarder in the coming month before summer time. So just as a 1st idea, what about a lunch or dinner invitation for the readers close by and an Amazon voucher for the international audience? As there is still some time left, I might be coming up with alternatives.

Finally a list of articles for different areas of interest:

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