12. Mar, 2017

Week thirty five summary.

Short summary for this week, this time with a photo (page 640/641) from the Tim Ferriss book "Tools of Titans" that I finished this morning. To be honest I am not reading a lot and 674 pages is a real challenge for me. BUT a lot of time well spend and I can really recommend this book !!

For this week I had one new application, was added to the talent pool once and did get one NO. Some people might say (after 35 weeks and 127 applications), "what a poor guy, he must be under pressure a lot, looking urgently for a new position, there are so many open positions why not one for him, etc.". Nothing to worry about - I am still fully motivated to find the right new assignment, possibly the position has not been advertised yet, and I do not have to fear any financial pressure in the coming month - all is GOOD

I did select the GOOD photo on purpose, as it perfectly fits to me and my positive and optimistic mindset and attitude. I have seen and experienced a lot in the last 54 years and can fully support the statement --> every bad, or unplanned, or suprising, or whatever situation will be GOOD for something else that you might not be aware of yet. BUT you will find out sooner or later, so really nothing to worry about.

In my case, I will have the opportunity to start the 4 month education tomorrow, what will be great and a new experience for me. Looking forward to it. I wish you all a sunny, happy and productive next week. I will definitely have it 🙂.

"You must want to be a butterfly so badly, you are willing to give up being a caterpillar.", Sekou Andrews, #1 Poetic Voice http://sekouandrews.com/