19. Mar, 2017

My week thirty six highlights.

A busy week with 4 days training for my new Digital Transformation Consultant education. Besides that I did apply for one new position and have not been shortlisted for three older ones. For one application the headhunter did not even get my application due to a technical issue. I heard about it after 50 days and several requests for a status update. No further comments 🤒.

Next week I have one F2F job interview on Thursday and the assessment center on Friday. On Wednesday I will be in Dortmund for a digital transformation event. In three real live sessions a company will show examples for an automated data exchange, a business process automation and a business process monitoring solution. Perfect fit to my education content and I can possibly reuse some learnings for the presentation I have to prepare for May.

If you have some spare time next week, attached some interesting material to look at: