24. Mar, 2017

Outcome of my 1st assessment center today ...

My day started at 04.30 AM today, as I wanted to use public transport (travel time 90 minutes), avoid any risk to be late and had to be there at 08:00 AM. Everything was in time and I even had some time to walk down the wrong streets 😙 on my way to the company.

We had been three candidates today. The company had 7 members in the jury (Government, HR and IT department, Works Council and Equality Officer representatives), plus 3 more people for logistics and to support the role play. The assessment center (AC) was very well organized and tightly scheduled and all rules had been described in all details up front. So really a lot of effort spend by the recruiting company for preparation and availability, very much appreciated by the other candidates and myself.

First task was a group effort, to prepare a project initiation to introduce a digital process for external recruiting. Second activity was a 10 minute presentation about Digital Transformation in relation to the government and the third task was a role play with a fictional employee, to discuss an issue with the company policies.

As mentioned earlier - when you have got enough points (given by the 7 head jury, based on a 1 - 6 scale) from the first three tasks, you will make it to the job interview at the end of the day. If not, you will have the opportunity to get a detailed feedback about your performance so far. One basic and driving rule of the AC is that the jury can only judge, what they see and hear during the different tasks. --> So do not keep anything in your head and assume other people will find out and show all skills in front of the jury that you think are necessary and required. And finally be authentic and not an actor!!

To make a long story short, I did not get enough points and had the opportunity to get the detailed feedback by one member of the jury. The feedback was straight forward, easy for me to understand, to buy in and will be very helpful for any future AC. The jury did everything to make the result as objective as possible and did even discuss in detail, when there was disagreement in their rating. So nothing to complain about from my side and I can definitely work with and improve on the outcome today.

The result was also helpful for me to better understand the differences between a government setup and a global enterprise company. Because the AC is also useful to better understand the ways of working in the recruiting company, their values and general mindset.

We all need people who will give us feedback. That's how we improve. Bill Gates