26. Mar, 2017

Week thirty seven summary and some thoughts.

“It doesn’t make sense to hire smart people and then tell them what to do; we hire smart people so they can tell us what to do.” - Steve Jobs

A busy week between two presence weeks of my education. I had the assessment center (AC) on Friday and the headhunter interview on Thursday. Wednesday I did participate in the live workshop session of the Digital Transformation company (http://www.x4bpm.com/). Besides that I did apply for two new positions and have not been selected after the AC, as already mentioned.

The coming week will have three presence days of the education, further covering Change Management for two days and Self Management on the third day. Friday I will fly to the F2F interview outside of Germany, will be interesting to see the people F2F who I only know from the phone so far.

From my experience so far, what are the best approaches to hire new employees (this is just a listing, no ranking)?

  1. Job interviews
  2. Assessment Center
  3. Psychological tests
  4. Technical tests and tasks
  5. Matching against the company values and culture

As the hiring company cannot really rely on your CV content, previous company reference letters or reference people offered on request in the worst case, what are promising alternatives?

  1. Common practice are job interviews. If a company is using a headhunter, a preselection is done already and the overall quality of the candidates should be higher. The HR department and the hiring department are involved and normally cover your technical and soft skill expertise. I see this approach still in most cases.
  2. In my whole career and this is nearly 28 years, I had only one assessment center (AC) so far and this was two days ago. Seems to be standard for public and government positions as preselection before the final job interviews. For me a lot of effort in time and resources. Key focus is to get better insight into the soft skills of the candidate, based on, but also restricted to the values and culture of the jury. You might miss some great candidates with this approach, based on my opinion.
  3. Using psychological tests could be a great idea, but how do you control that the candidate has done the tests on his own? A combination of online and onsight tests might be a good approach?
  4. Real life testing the technical or required skills you are looking for seems to be a new trend, to avoid relying on any fake information in the documents provided during the application process. You could even think about small project assignments in the future team environment for some days or weeks? Why not.
  5. Finally matching candidates against company values and culture could be an alternative idea, to come to a high quality shortlist of candidates for the next recruiting steps?

Any mistake in the recruiting process and selecting the wrong candidate can be very time consuming and expensive for hiring companies. So new ideas or combined approaches of the ones listed above could be improving the recruiting process and the final results? I am sure!!

Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower. Steve Jobs