30. Mar, 2017

Stress-, Time- and Self-Management ...

The third day of the education this week did cover Self-Management as the main topic. How to manage your time, priorities and objectives? How to avoid stress, be mindful with yourself and appreciative with others? If you want to go into much more detail, the MindTools Toolkit can be very helpful with respect to Stress and Time Management for example (https://www.mindtools.com/pages/main/newMN_TCS.htm).

One thing everybody will know about, is the so called "Student syndrom" or procrastination. As long as there are days left until the final delivery date, there is still time for other stuff 🤪. Tim Urban (Blogger and Writer, http://waitbutwhy.com/) did give a great TED talk about this topic in February 2016 --> Inside the mind of a master procrastinator (https://www.ted.com/talks/tim_urban_inside_the_mind_of_a_master_procrastinator), 14 minutes worth watching - HAVE FUN.

Below a collection of statements and quotes, we enjoyed during the training on Wednesday:

  • The essential first.
  • When we were still able/allowed to fall we were children. We had to fall to learn how to run.
  • Love it, leave it or change/challenge it.


"The thing that's important is people have principles. It's not a principle unless it costs you something." Tobi Lütke, the German CEO of Shopify