1. Apr, 2017

Be positive about your company, it is worth it.

Yesterday was my trip to the job interview outside of Germany. I had to get up at 03.50 AM to reach my flight at 06.05 AM. All went fine (thanks to the airlines) and I reached the company as planned. First 90 minutes with the IT Director and afterwards 60 minutes with the HR business partner.

For the technical IT part we covered the current challenges and future strategy, how to improve the business relationship management and trust in the IT team, and the necessary team building and development as key focus areas. We had a very positive and value add 90 minutes, and got alignment/agreement in a lot of areas. Initial plan was to have a session with the Engineering VP as key customer as well, but he had to go on a short notice business trip on the day of my interview. Maybe next time, as a good relationship with Engineering is key for the success of the IT role and the VP part of the selection and decision making process.

In the meeting with HR we covered some of the contractual details, legal requirements and constraints for working outside of Germany. My final question was "What is the strength of the hiring company and why should I join?" I was really impressed by the answer of the HR lady, as she easily listed 15+ arguments and benefits, why it would be great to join this company. This is the right way of advertising for your company and what candidates should and could expect as answer. 

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Many a small thing has been made large by the right kind of advertising. Mark Twain