2. Apr, 2017

My week thirty eight ...

During a really busy week with three days education and the job interview on Friday, I did also apply for four new positions. For one older application I have not been shortlisted. On the left you can see the number of weekly readers of my BLOG during the last 38 weeks. Thanks a lot to all my regular readers, I hope my posts and thoughts are value add and you have some fun with it? I will do my best, to make your days in the future as well 😉. Let's start with some more fun on TED https://www.ted.com/playlists/235/the_funniest_ted_talks.

As the next presence days of my education are 24 - 27-Apr-17 with a focus on coaching, I will have three weeks to prepare my presentation, to get ready for the first exam and to finish some of the online tasks.

Yesterday I did re-apply for a position, where I have not been shortlisted in early February. This was their statement back then: When filling an open position, we look at a number of factors, including experience, skills and knowledge, fit to mandatory position requirements and location. We have been fortunate enough to attract many qualified candidates for this opportunity. At this time, we regret to inform you that you have not been selected for an interview. We wish you success as you pursue other job opportunities, and encourage you to continue to visit our Career Site and apply for other opportunities.

Since then the same position was still advertised regularly on e.g. Stepstone and even the job portal of the hiring company. When I have seen the advertisement yesterday again, I checked the job portal and it was still there. So what did happen to all the qualified candidates that had been selected? Will be interesting to see, how they will react to my email, where I mentioned that I am wondering about their job postings and that I am still interested in the position?

Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet. Jean-Jacques Rousseau