4. Apr, 2017

Why a trial period makes a lot of sense?

As I mentioned on 26-Mar-17 already, there are a lot of different approaches, how companies and candidates are coming together these days. Even when both sides spend a lot of effort and time, there is no guarantee for a good or even perfect match. To have maximum flexibility in the first days, weeks and month a trial period is agreed. Normally the plan is not to cancel the contract in the trial period, but it is a valid option to keep in mind.

I just heard from a former colleague this week, who used this option lately. After 10+ years a job change with only one week in between. The new colleagues and the supervisor had been nice, but the position was not as expected and the functional area too far away from the previous assignments. Thanks to the trial period the contract could be cancelled easily after some weeks. After a break to re-charge the batteries the application process was started again. The new position is much better and my former colleague is happy now. RESPECT and thanks a lot to the trial period. 😉

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