6. Apr, 2017

Always try new things, as many as possible ...

This week my youngest daughter, being in the 8th grade, has a so called project week to get different professional experiences by doing one day internships. The first day she was working in a grocery store to refill the shelves and do some other supporting stuff. Yesterday she was listening into different presentations from the police and fire department, to learn about candidate prerequisites, selection criteria and work content. Today she was working in the HR department of my outplacement company, as I could not take her to my employer for one day 😉.

One day is definitely too short, the kids will do another 3 weeks internship later this year, but it can give a first impression and idea. how the work environment could be in the future? Even if the impression is not too positive, it can be a good learning experience and help, to find out what you do not want to do in the future!! Every experience is good for something sooner or later and when it helps to reduce your available options, why not?

Sometimes your expectations will be confirmed, another time you will be surprised. Both outcomes will support and drive your decision making process. The same approach applies for the job seeking activities. You have to test/try different things and learn about new positions, industries and employers. Expand your horizon.

Just yesterday I had an experience that fits perfectly to what I just wrote. We are close to 2 weeks Easter Holiday starting next week Monday and some HR departments seem to clean up open recruiting processes. I got several calls in the last two days for jobs I applied to back in March. One position for example is an IT Manager role in the public environment for cities and communities. They will do an Assessment Center (AC) as part of their recruiting process, but to avoid any surprises, do a kind of "coffee break" F2F meeting with all candidates before. So great that I had my first AC some weeks back, will be a good opportunity to make use of my learning from the last time, assuming I will be invited after the preparation meeting.

If you had been working for US companies during the last 20 years in international roles, applying for a position in the public environment is definitely expanding the horizon. No judgement, there are challenges with respect to service delivery, customer satisfaction and digital transformation as well.

Some TED talks to finish with:

Two quotes from the Jurgen Appelo book - Managing for Happiness

"The job of management is not to select the best ideas; it is to create a great system that allows for the best ideas to emerge."

"Before you try to measure someone else's performance, please explain how you measure your own."