9. Apr, 2017

Week thirty nine summary.

A not too busy week did lead to 4 new applications, 3 final NO's and 1 candidate pool position. Out of the 3 NO's, I did get the information that one position is already staffed after 94 days --> another headhunter for the "black list", and one of the other positions will not be staffed in Germany anymore, due to the latest reorganization. When it comes to the final staffing decision call, a lot of companies become creative with internal solutions or are just lacking the necessary budget. Bad for the headhunters and the job seekers, but even worth for the hiring companies, as this is not really good marketing for them .

The next two weeks will be 4 day weeks in Germany, due to the Easter bank holidays on 14- and 17-Apr-17. I will have two F2F interviews next week, one on Tuesday with a headhunter and the "coffee break" meeting with another company, a preparation and pre-selection for a potential assessment center, as mentioned earlier.

As I just passed 7045 readers today, a quick reminder to my 10-Mar-17 statement about   --> celebrating the reader # 10,000, as we will pass this boarder in the coming month before summer time. So just as a 1st idea, what about a lunch or dinner invitation for the readers close by and an Amazon voucher for the international audience? As there is still some time left, I might be coming up with alternatives.

Or you regular READERS have a great idea as well and make use of the COMMENT field or EMAIL option to let me know 😙. Just today I opened the SHARING option (Facebook, Twitter and Google+). No LinkedIn and XING yet, but as you are creative guys, you will find ways to do this as well.

Creativity involves breaking out of established patterns in order to look at things in a different way. Edward de Bono, English - Psychologist Born: May 19, 1933