14. Apr, 2017

Happy Easter and a quick week fourty summary.

To make best use of the coming Easter days, my next BLOG entry will not be coming before 18-Apr-17. I wish you and your families a quiet Easter time and some sunny days.

With respect to my week fourty summary, I did apply for one new position and did not make it to the shortlist for an older application (feedback already after 7 days, this is really quick and could be a good example for other companies and headhunters).

As a result of my F2F interview with the headhunter on Tuesday, he will forward my documents to the hiring company and a first feedback could be expected by the end of April. The "coffee break" meeting yesterday as preparation for a potential assessment center (AC) did go smoothly as far as I see it. I will get the final decision next week Friday 21-Apr-17, the AC is scheduled for 29-Apr-17. A great week this week with really good meetings for very interesting positions.

Just in case you have some spare time until next week Tuesday or the weather is not as sunny as it should be, some interesting material to look at, ENJOY: