19. Apr, 2017

Have to be patient again ...

Due to the two weeks school holiday over the Easter time it is pretty quiet at the job seeking front right now. Once again I have to be patient and to wait for answers to my applications. Just today I did review the status of all my work in progress applications and did send out reminders or requests for a quick status update, if needed.

Sometimes you really feel like a snail wishing a turtle would be passing by and giving you a ride 🙃.

Anyway patience and sometimes being a pain in the neck pays off in the end. Just 5 minutes ago I got a call from a headhunter with an invitation for a phone interview tomorrow. I initially applied for the position end of January 2017 and was already invited for a phone interview back then. But the responsible person had to leave for a longterm illness and the handover to a colleague did not go smoothly. After my reminder today it did go much better and the position is still open 🤩. Same status, just 3 month later.

Another funny story happened last Saturday. I found a very interesting position, where the IT Director should be replaced later this year. Besides taking care of the day-to-day operations "keeping the lights on", making the organization ready for the digital future was part of the responsibility. Applications are accepted until the end of April, only paper documents send by mail. First I was struggling, if I should apply on paper after 138 online applications, but I decided to formulate an interesting introduction letter and did send it via email, to make it 139. The responsible CIO did answer 10 minutes later (on a Saturday), he will forward my application to the HR department. Will be interesting to see, how this goes forward?

Three recruiting related links to finish for today: