23. Apr, 2017

My quick week fourty one summary.

The second week of the Easter break was quiet as well. Just one new application, one NO and one addition to a candidate pool. I could agree a job interview for an older application for early May and got the confirmation letter for my online application to the position with the paper based process. By mail on paper, really "old-school" 🙂, will be interesting to see, how this will proceed in the coming weeks.

Besides the job seeking activities I finished my presentation for the Digital Transformation Consultant (DTC) education. The majority of the content and design is done, only some fine tuning left until 03-May-17. Next week I will have 4 presence days, to cover topics like Systemic Foundations - Communication, Conversation and Negotiation - Systemic and Business Coaching. Looking forward to it, as especially the coaching part is new for me. 

Some interesting reading material for next week 😉, have fun and a successful time: