27. Apr, 2017

Joy and suffering are close together ...

Just yesterday I did learn that I will not be invited for the assessment center (AC) scheduled for the coming Saturday, as mentioned earlier. The administration lady from the supporting institute did tell me that I have not been shortlisted for the next AC session. I will get more details next week. Feels a little bit like in "Dancing with the stars". The jury puts you in the Top 5 list (in my case the IT Director I did talk to during the coffee break meeting), but the audience is not calling for you (I assume my result of the psychological test - BIP - Business-focused Inventory of Personality test) and you are out in the end. Hopefully I will get all results of the test to better understand the issue here, if there is any at all?

For the joy part I got the information from the headhunter that I will be invited for a job interview as soon as we can agree a date with the hiring company, will be somewhere early May timeframe. He called much earlier than initially expected (end of April), so my documents seem to be convincing 🙂.

The last two days I was fully focused on Systemic and Business Coaching in my DTC education. As I mentioned earlier new to me and really a great experience. We had two live session role plays, 1st I was the observer and the coachee in the 2nd attempt. More details about coaching are e.g. at http://www.metasysteme-coaching.eu/english/home-page/ and https://www.mindtools.com/pages/main/newMN_TMM.htm once again. There are definitely much more pages, I just selected two randomly for you.

Finally in the mindset of "life-long-learning" and "steal with pride" some role models to look at: https://www.theladders.com/p/19327/most-influential-work-management-career-people 

Have a joyful and successful rest of your week!!