3. May, 2017

My digital transformation presentation ...

Free Picture: Digital WorldID: 1371145 © Sebastian Kaulitzki | Dreamstime Stock Photos

Today I started another presence week in my DTC (Digital Transformation Consultant) education with the next three days focussing on the Digital Strategy topic. After a short introduction round I gave my prepared presentation about Digital Transformation. It did go smoothly and was well received according to the feedback I got.

Interesting point was the number of participants today. One new guy who started today also for DTC and another guy from the team I did the last weeks Coaching training with. So we had 12 people in the Coaching session last week and only 3 people in the Digital Strategy topic this week. Given the fact that Digital Transformation is a really Hype topic in the moment, 3 people is a really low number!! So either the Academy organizing the training sessions is not well known yet for their DTC training, or there is a mismatch between talking about the topic and getting into details by spending time and effort? Anyway two more days to go and the content of the training and the discussion between the lecturer and the participants are really interesting so far.

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