7. May, 2017

My week fourty three summary ...

Another week gone and spring time is still battling winter time. Could be much more sunny and higher temperatures for May 2017 outside. Maybe next week?

This week I did apply for one new job and did not get shortlisted for another one. And I decided to take my application back for a position, where I did not hear back from HR for 115 days. Must be really busy guys to not even give a small status update on a regular basis. If you have enough high level applicants, definitely a way to reduce the effort, BUT what does this say about the company and is this really the culture and values you are looking for in your potential future employer? Not for me 😙.

Yesterday I did summarize the material I need to know for my midterm exam on 14 A4 pages - handwritten. Has to be in my brain by Wednesday next week, should be doable.

Besides the exam I will have a F2F job interview on Tuesday and another one on Thursday. Both interesting positions, but totally different from a content, responsibility and salary perspective. Looking forward to it. After the interview on Thursday morning I will see my contact person at the government labor office for a status update and later in the afternoon participate in the 28. German Engineering Day in Duesseldorf (https://ingenieurtag.vdi.de/). The main topic is Digitization of the working world, perfect fit to my DTC education.

Before leaving for the remaining weekend, thanks to all my readers for staying with me and passing the 8000 total reader number TODAY. Very much appreciated.

Some reading material for next week:

Have a funny week and some sun outside ...