11. May, 2017

"Quote of the day" ...

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Well, how bad can a day be and would Ronald Wayne  (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ronald_Wayne) have changed his decision with the knowledge of a 40+ year out future? Interesting question 🙂.

Some people would say definitely yes, great investment that finally pays off. Others will possibly say, I make my decisions in the moment and do not really care, what potentially could happen in the longterm future. Maybe Ronald just needed the 800 bucks and did invest them in something else more urgent back in 1976?

Anyway, it just depends on what kind of guy you are and if a 40+ year planning cycle and longterm trust in your gut feeling is your way of handling these kind of situations?

For me I just finished my 2nd job interview this week and I am now looking for the final decision, if and how we will proceed. Will come in the next 3 - 4 weeks. The company was looking for external IT management expertise and new ideas, also with respect to digital transformation, but based on some answers to my prepared questions, I am not sure if they found this with me? Change is often painful and you normally do not want to hear this from the outside 😎. We will see ...

The caterpillar has to suffer silently in a cocoon in order to become a butterfly. Change is painful in the beginning but worth it in the end. – Jaykaran Sagar - Philosopher, Visionary and Solutionist.