14. May, 2017

Summary of a busy week fourty four ...

Besides two F2F job interviews including detailed preparation, the midterm exam of my DTC education and visiting the 28th Engineering day, I did apply for 5 new positions this week. Good job 🙃. On the other side I have not been shortlisted three times for older applications and have been added to a headhunter candidate pool once. For the position with the job interview on Tuesday, I got rejected Friday. Other candidates had been a better match according to the HR representative. A good practice for me, but not with the desired outcome (a B position).

I am using a A, B, C categorization for the jobs I am applying to:

  • A: Great salary, perfect company location and great position (content, responsibility, opportunities to make a change/impact, etc.)
  • B: Have to compromise on either salary, or location or position
  • C: Even more compromises, or delayed reaction/feedback of the hiring company, a good practice, but not the job I really want to go for

Another side of the job seeking activities and period (44 weeks now) for me is, how to keep the wider family informed and in a hopeful mood. My wife is a great supporter/motivator and close by, so nothing to worry about, but people who are further away and might not be familiar with the situation or what is going on in the job market these days, are sometimes challenged and worried about my situation. I can fully understand, but I should be the 1st to worry and I am still motivated and thinking positive.

What brings me to the next thought - how to best balance patience and motivation. I have three positions, where I am still waiting for the next step, after having the 1st F2F job interview:

  • One from mid February: The company still seems to have an internal discussion if and how to staff the position and the headhunter really feels sorry for the current situation
  • One from end of March: No real updates after the HR contact taking a short holiday
  • One from mid April: They are still organizing the 2nd AC session, as far as they are telling me

You as candidate are sitting around waiting for any indication how to proceed, but nothing is happening and you can not ask for updates every two weeks 😙. So be patient.

The motivation part is much easier and sometimes happens surprisingly, like Thursday during the Engineering day. During the presentation of Christian Baudis, who is really a well known expert in the Digital Transformation world, I have seen several slides, ideas and thoughts that I had in my presentation for the DTC education (held on 03-May-17) as well. This was really great to see and very motivational for me that I am on the right track there. 🙂😉😋😙

Next week I will have three presence days of my DTC education starting Monday and we will cover Leadership as our key topic. Really looking forward to it.

Leadership is not about a title or a designation. It's about impact, influence and inspiration. Impact involves getting results, influence is about spreading the passion you have for your work, and you have to inspire team-mates and customers. Robin S. Sharma - Canadian - Lawyer

I wish you all a positive and motivational next week, enjoy yourself !!!