21. May, 2017

Week fourty five highlights and thoughts ...

Next week gone and pretty busy again. Besides the three presence days around Leadership on Monday to Wednesday, I started to prepare the final exam and presentation after verifying all prerequisites with the education management.

I did apply for 6 new positions and got rejected for three older ones.

Final clarification for the position where they asked for the psychological test as preparation for the assessment center (AC). There will be no second AC, as one candidate has been selected in the meantime. It was really interesting to read the 50 page evaluation of my 210 answers to the questions. They did even measure in seconds, how fast I did answer per question. The questions are categorized and the results compared against a group of reference people, really great insights and a good match to how I see myself. If people don't know me, some results might be surprising and not expected, but for me a consistent picture. On the donwside I did not get the job, but on the positive side I got the result of the test 🙂.

The headhunter of my F2F interview from 11-May-17 did call me this week and told me that the other candidate (I was in the final two) had finally been selected by the company. He basically confirmed my impression after the interview that the company was looking for an outside view and some new ideas, but not too fast and too drastic. In the mindset of being authentic and that the new position should be beneficial for both sides, it was possibly the right outcome of the selection process. You should never act against your gut feeling.

4 of the 6 new positions are maintained by Hays. I have seen one position first and then did check all their open positions. In the end I found 4 that are matching my category A criteria. For 2 of the 4 positions I did apply already back in December 2016 and got rejected in January 2017. Both are still in their active list, maybe not staffed yet or open again, as the selected candidate did not fit? Will be interesting to see the Hays feedback and if they realize, what I just mentioned above.

My 6th application from yesterday has a funny story behind it. I did read some online Engineering newspapers, as I did not find the time before and found one position of a company that is just 10 minutes away from my home by car. I did check their homepage to see, if the position is still available and found another one that has a much better fit. It is not a small company with 11k+ employees and a revenue above 2 billion Euro. Looking forward to their reaction.

Besides looking for other positions and working on the final exam and presentation for the DTC education next week, I will also think about alternative ideas to a permanent position. I did enroll for a Management 3.0 course (http://academy.management30.com/), what will be a good add-on to the DTC stuff. Other ideas could be to think about, what a Digital Transformation Coach or a Life-Long-Learning Coach could be doing? Finally the lecturer of the three days Digital Strategy (as part of my DTC education) did ask me, if I would be interested to work as lecturer as well, after he has seen my Digital Transformation presentation. Why not, would be something totally new for me, but sounds very interesting and challenging?

Last but not least I could write a book about my BLOG content and the latest recruiting trends, ups and downs during job seeking, funny and crazy stories with companies and headhunters, and how to stay motivated during this journey? What do you think?

Below some recruiting related links that might be of interest for you?

If you carry joy in your heart, you can heal any moment. Carlos Santana

I wish you all a joyful week and me some more comments in my BLOG 🙃👍.