23. May, 2017

Thinking of Manchester today ...

My deepest condolences to the affected people of the Manchester attack yesterday, their families and friends. Be strong and full of trust and hope.

As two of my daughters have been at a mass event in a cinema in Cologne last Saturday, I am well aware that there is no 100% safety, as you cannot control every single person, who might be a potential risk. In order to proceed to live our life, we have to go on doing, what we did in the past. Don't let the terrorists take over and win in the end.

"We do not talk about the world as we see it, but we see the world the way we talk about it" - Old proverb


The content I have to learn for my final exam of the Digital Transformation Consultant (DTC) education is again 14 A4 pages, I finished the summary yesterday. Today I did start to work on the presentation for the oral colloquium. I basically have to take a digital transformation project from my last company and do a scientific reflection and critical review. What did go well and what did go wrong? How would I approach the same project now, with all the new expertise and learnings from the DTC modules?

In order to offer some interesting material for the audience and to learn about some new technologies, I did look into the capabilities of MySimpleShow (https://www.mysimpleshow.com/) - "Create your simpleshow explainer video in minutes. Easy. Fast. And like a pro!" I finished my first video to explain Triggers for changes in organizations after only some hours. Unbelievable, what you can get as result even with the FREE version 👍👍.

Two great links and guys to finish for the day: