28. May, 2017

Week fourty six summary and some statistics

Thanks guys😀for the growing number of weekly readers over time, see statistic on the left. And we are coming closer to the 9,000 overall reader number, should be happening in the next 48 hours. 

This week I did apply for four new positions, the last three 30 minutes ago, and got rejected for 5 older positions. As you do not really get any useful feedback with the rejection email most of the times, really difficult to say why?

My overall number of applications reached 157 (in 46 weeks) today, with a rate of 69% rejection, 13% work in progress and 18% added to a headhunter's candidate pool. Out of all applications 17% did lead to a 1st interview and 5% to a 2nd one. Overall good stable numbers and on average in general job seeking statistics, but no final and measurable result yet.

Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time. Thomas A. Edison

As I am still optimistic and fully motivated, I will go on applying for jobs that match my profile and do additional education and training, to broaden my skills and experience. And I will be open for alternative ideas and approaches. A good contact did forward my CV to a large company, as they are looking desperately for outside talent. And next week Wednesday I will have a discussion with a business coach from my current village about my coaching ideas from last week. I found her company sign when I was doing a walk around the village some days ago.

Stay positive as I do and maybe the following articles can be a motivation for you?