30. May, 2017

Mediation versus Coaching ...

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During another two presence days of my DTC education, we covered conflict management and mediation as topics. As the Mediation and Coaching approach/structure is pretty similar I was looking for a comparison on the web, what was not that easy 😙.

In my own simple words Mediation is basically finding the conflict between two involved parties and working out a solution together. The mediator is the facilitator in a neutral position. In a lot of cases Coaching is a one-on-one session to define a goal and work out a solution, how to reach it. The Coach is just supporting, all work is done by the person to be coached.

The following links give a good indication, where the key differences are:

Used in the right way with experienced Mediators or Coaches, both can be a really strong means to solve conflicts and develop talent. Keep it in mind as a value add option.

Just two hours ago I did listen to a one hour video about the "Desirable employer in the digital age" from Edgar K. Geffroy (https://www.linkedin.com/in/egeffroy/). Great stuff and he did show two great Youtube videos that I like to share with you:

2020 is only three years away and the robot is really impressive, make up your own mind.

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