31. May, 2017

Several topics to think about ...

The discussion with the business coach, who I did find by accident during a walk around my town last week, was great and very helpful. We did exchange some supporting webpages, ideas and expert names. We will stay in close contact for further discussion.

Something to think about is the initial phrase "Work-Life-Balance"!! Due to a lot of refocussing it has been changed to "Life-Work-Balance" for a lot of people in the meantime. In the last month and in relation to smarter working and living, I have heard the phrases "Work-Life Integration" or even "Work-Life-Fusion" more often. Companies, but also employees are starting to smoothen the borders/boundaries between both areas.

After his 50th birthday a year ago one guy in my DTC education has started to count all future birthdays backwards. Just last week he celebrated his 49th birthday again. By doing this he wants to solve to issues:

  1. To become younger and not older anymore
  2. To increase the focus and enjoyment of the remaining time

Sounds like an interesting concept to me, something to think about?

On a flea market some weeks back I did follow an interesting conversation between two ladies from Germany and a guy from Morocco, who was offering peppermint tea. The answer to his question "Where are your husbands?" was "The guys did leave this morning to Hamburg for a Men's weekend". Something very common in Germany that either a group of women or men are going away for a weekend without their spouses. The surprised answer of the guy was "You did marry to start a family, why are you not together with your husband and kids the whole weekend?" An interesting way to see it and thanks to the cultural diversity in Germany that these kind of small conversations are happening 😉.

Finally another interesting observation on the same flea market about perception and which generation is using which technology. In previous years the mother, I assume age 40+, did organize the flea market exhibitors and logistics in a dedicated Whatsapp group. This year the daughter, I assume just above age 18, did get the responsibility for the organization. Due to the average age of the exhibitors she assumed that the organization by phone calls would be the most appropriate approach and followed this idea. Some people, like our guy from Morroco, have been caught by suprise that the underlying technology had been changed and some stuff did go wrong or just happened not as smoothly as before 😙. You better check and do not underestimate the capabilities of your audience.