1. Jun, 2017

A recurring theme ...

Today morning I was reading a job posting and immediately thought that I know the content. After some research in old emails and my application statistic I found out that I did apply back in early December 2016 with a final rejection on 01-Feb-17, as other candidates did fit better to the very specific profile.

Now 4 month later into the year the posting did come up again. I did call my contact from the first application and did ask, if they just have a technical issue (have seen this before several times 🤨) or if this is a real new request? With the first round of candidates they could not fill the position, so they have to advertise it again. Poor headhunter, if they only get paid after contract signature by the candidate. Anyway I told the lady that I am still looking for a new opportunity and this position is still the same good match, as I thought back in December. According to her the company did not change their very specific requirements (one is SAP experience) in the meantime, so this could be a real challenge going forward. In my opinion SAP experience could be helpful, but it is more a management than a technical expert role and position they want to fill. Maybe she will call me back sooner or later, we will see 🙂.

Besides that a great and sunny day. I found out that an old school friend of mine is organizing a congress around digital transformation later in June, I will try to participate. I had the first discussion with my DTC education academy about the idea to work as lecturer for them and finally got an invitation for a job interview on 12-Jun-17 just one hour ago.

To finish some interesting links related to personality and how to change it, if needed. Enjoy:

Mistakes are always forgivable, if one has the courage to admit them. Bruce Lee