4. Jun, 2017

Week fourty seven recap ...

Another busy week gone, with one new job application and three rejection emails. I got invited for a F2F job interview on 12-Jun-17, did initiate the potential lecturer position discussion and had a great meeting with a business coach from my home town. The business coach lady did know an old school friend of mind and did send me a hint to a great conference around digital transformation on 20-Jun-17 in Cologne (https://www.rausausdemeffeff.de). A quick chat with my old friend and I got a sponsored ticket, as thank your for my help during the school times. Kind of great longterm investment I would say.  

Next week will be the final week of my Digital Transformation Consultant (DTC) education, with three presence days around Project Management and Business Development. The Friday is fully dedicated to the final exam (90 minutes, 20 questions, free text answers) and my one hour colloquium to critically review one of my old projects and to provide improvement ideas, based on my learning from the past 4 month. Looking forward to it, interesting to see how quickly 4 month can pass by.

As the overall reader counter is just at 9,291 😀 I have to come back to my --> REMINDER: For celebrating the reader # 10,000. We could do a lunch/dinner invite for people close by or an Amazon voucher for International readers. What do you think? As I did not hear alternative ideas so far, we will just proceed with this idea. The only challenge will be, how to prove that you are number 10,000? Just take a screen shot and email it to the mentioned email address!!

Finally and as we have another bank holiday in Germany tomorrow (Whit Monday), I found some interesting links for you, with close relation to the topics from this week:

Have a great long weekend, if you have tomorrow off. 

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