11. Jun, 2017

My week fourty eight highlights ...

Besides finishing the DTC education on Friday, I did apply for seven new positions and got rejected for two older ones. One was the position with the final feedback after 210 days 😉.

I will have a F2F job interview with an IT consulting company tomorrow and got another invitation for a F2F job interview for 02-Aug-17 this week. This was the position that did request the application documents to be send as paper via mail and where I just did send an email as normal. So far so good. As this is a government position I assume it will be an assessment center again. I will find out, still some time to go.

Just now there are only 249 readers left until 10,000 -  REMINDER: For celebrating the reader # 10,000. I will do a lunch/dinner invite for people close by or an Amazon voucher for International readers. The only challenge will be, how to prove that you are number 10,000? Just take a screen shot and email it to the mentioned email address!!

As the number of readers last week was 453 and the average readers per week for the last 5 weeks was 345, the 10,000 reader will be seen in the coming days. Looking forward to it and do not forget to take the screen shot 👍👍.