14. Jun, 2017

Got positive feedback faster than expected ...

I did get a call from the HR contact today. After two days and not two weeks I got invited for a 2nd F2F job interview with the company from Monday this week. A motivating surprise and confirmation for my positive feeling 🙂. Part of the next interview will be a 20 minutes presentation about potential growth scenarios for the IT team, based on my experience so far. Will be interesting.

We have another bank holiday in Germany tomorrow, the last one before 03-Oct-17. A long way to go 😉.

Just coming back from delivering my kids to a theater in Cologne. As always when you are relying on public transport there are issues and delays. So the parents had to change their plans to get the kids delivered in time for the show.

Below some additional videos, a podcast and some articles for you, to cover the day off:

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