18. Jun, 2017

My week fourty nine summary and celebration.

Yesterday evening between 08.00 - 10.00 PM German time somebody was reader #10,000 of my BLOG, but she/he did not know about the prize to win and did not send the requested screenshot. .... happens, so I will change the rules quickly. In order to have equal treatment between the different timezones, the lunch/dinner invitation and Amazon voucher is still available, if you send a screenshot of the current counter you see on the bottom of the page to the email address mentioned in the header. Please do this until 20-Jun-17 latest, if you are interested, all voluntary no pressure. Next counter to talk about and to celebrate will be 11,111, looking forward to it. In the last 349 days since I started this BLOG I had an average of 29 readers every single day. Not a bad start and still room for improvement 👍.

Last week I did apply for one new position and got rejected for four older ones. During the clean up of my work in progress list I found two more positions, where I did not hear back after 112 days, although I did ask the responsible headhunter for a status update several times. So I took both positions off my list. I will only focus on stuff that might be successful, no waste of time anymore. As I covered the request for fair treatment of applicants several times already, no need to do this again today 😉. You always meet twice, so I will keep the headhunter name and company in mind.

As the F2F job interview last Monday did go really well, I will focus part of next week to prepare the 2nd interview on 26-Jun-17. I still have to decide, how I will present the requested growth strategy proposal. Maybe as Mind Map using Coggle, in an explain video by relying on mySimpleShow, as a presentation or just by developing the idea on a flip chart? Another week to go, so I will find out.

Besides the job interview preparation, I am looking forward to the full day Digital Transformation event in Cologne on Tuesday (https://www.rausausdemeffeff.de/) and have to think a little bit further about self employment, as alternative to my job seeking activities. This will definitely need a detailed business plan, not only with financial data, but also some good business ideas and content.

I wish you all a motivating and passionate week, maybe this article can be helpful for some of you?

P.S.: If you want to win the prize, do not forget to send the screenshot with the counter!!