19. Jun, 2017

We finally have a winner ...

So far I was pretty sure my English is not that bad and good to understand even for none native speakers? But with the experience from the last days I am a bit struggling, if my explanation of how to win a prize by making a simple screenshoot of the Reader Counter on my BLOG page, was easy enough? Anyway since today afternoon I have a winner for the National, close by my hometown, category --> the lunch or dinner invitation. I will arrange a meeting with the guy in the coming days. The International prize is still available --> an Amazon voucher!! So if you are interested and not too shy, just follow the example on the left 😉.

Looking forward to the event in Cologne tomorrow with Dr. Pero Micic (http://www.micic.com/en/home-2/), Martin Gaedt (https://www.linkedin.com/in/martingaedt/?ppe=1) and Karl Heinz Land  (https://www.linkedin.com/in/kland/?ppe=1). Will share some impression and details later this week. 

Below some interesting material to start a new week:

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