21. Jun, 2017

The #rausausdemeffeff event in Cologne yesterday was really great.

The event yesterday (initiated by BVMW https://www.bvmw.de/service/sprachen/gb.html and https://adrenatour.de/) did happen in the hospitality area of the 1. FC Köln soccer club stadium (https://www.fc-koeln.de/en/fc-info/home/), you can see the press conference room on the left.

On the agenda we had three great talks, two workshops, a teamsing event (https://www.teamsing.eu/) and an improvisation theater. Besides that good food, drinks and networking. Overall a good mixture of digital, analog, online and offline experiences. For me personally I have seen my old school friend again after nearly 5 years and could initiate a F2F jobinterview. A funny story and really very positive experience, after all this frustrating stuff that I did share in the past about the tough life of job seekers.

I did check the webpage of one of the companies I heard about yesterday this morning and found out that they are looking for consultants in the digital transformation area. As this was part of my DTC education, I did apply and got invited for a first F2F job interview in less than 90 minutes after pressing the send button of the application email. This is what I would call a benchmark for reaction time and high regard for the applicant. GREAT JOB DONE.

Below my summary of the highlights from yesterday. Have fun and enjoy:

  • Second talk came from Martin Gaedt (https://saleschakra.com/en/44-sales-questions-startup-founders-inspired-martin-gaedt/) about several different ways to find new ideas. This Youtube video covers the content pretty well, but it is only available in German so far, sorry for that (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Njl-TBrYA1E). Some of his key statements translated in English:
    • "You just have to do it
    • If it does not seem to go, the solution becomes extraordinary
    • You can train ideas fitness
    • Ask more questions !!
    • Just what surprised is really new
    • Without surprise, the brain rusts
    • Ideas are like cocktails, it depends on the ingredients
    • Innovation is what others consider to be absurd
    • You have to copy and transfer, not just copy and paste"
  • The final talk came from Karl-Heinz Land, Digital Darwinist and Evangelist. You can find his key ideas in the Executive Summary of one of his books (http://karl-heinz.land/PDFs/en_%20Dematerialization%20Executive%20Summary.pdf, see page 14). Or for the German speaking audience on Youtube at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f5YNzPPojMI for example. Some of his yesterday quotes translated in English:
    • "Everything what can be digitized will be digitized
    • Everything what can be connected will be connected
    • Everything what can be automated will be automated
    • Digitization changes nothing, only everything !!
    • The future is already there, but not evenly distributed
    • Digitization is the opportunity for humanity to reach the next level
    • Hope is not a strategy"

I assume you will enjoy the content the same way I did it yesterday? 🙂👍 Be positive and make yourself a bright future!!