23. Jun, 2017

What is just coming to my mind ...

With respect to the picture on the left, the billy-goat is the mascot of the 1.FC Köln soccer team. The left door is for the guest team and the right one for the home team, to go onto the soccer field. A funny and Cologne style way to handle the differences, there are much tougher solutions used by other teams, according to our tour guide in the stadium.

I just finished my presentation for the 2nd F2F jobinterview on Monday next week. A 20 minutes talk about a growth strategy for the local consulting team. I did create another mysimpleshow (https://www.mysimpleshow.com/) explainer video, as a teaser for my proposal. Besides that I did make use of the Coggle (https://coggle.it/) mind mapping capabilities, to bring my ideas across. Will be interesting to see, how the company will react to it.

This morning I learned that my first BLOG entry was mentioned on Twitter. Martin Gaedt - Author of ROCK YOUR IDEA, did reference it after the event on Tuesday, you can have a look here  https://twitter.com/MartinGaedt/status/878130604721811456

Yesterday I had a 30 minutes phone call with the new COO (Chief Operating Officer) of my outplacement company. As I had the opportunity to use the program twice (2006 and 2016) in the last 10 years, the COO was very much interested in my experience, feedback and potential ideas for improvement. As usual I was very open and honest and did mention good points, but also issues I have seen in the last month. In the end we did cover the Digital Transformation topic and how these changes will impact the world of outplacement companies.

What Ralf T. Kreutzer & Karl-Heinz Land mention in their book - The Redistribution of the World in Times of Digital Darwinism (see BLOG entry from 21-Jun-17, Executive Summary PDF, page 14) --> "Digital Darwinism always begins when technologies and society change faster than the companies’ ability to adapt to these changes." also applies for Outplacement companies and their processes, something to stongly keep in mind !! 🤪

To kill an error is as good a service as, and sometimes even better than, the establishing of a new truth or fact. Charles Darwin,  English - Scientist February 12, 1809 - April 19, 1882