25. Jun, 2017

The week fifty summary and the next upcoming celebrations ...

This week I had one new application, the one with the reaction and invitation record - agreed 1st F2F job interview in less than 90 minutes after the initial application. The meeting is next week Tuesday. And I did categorize one application as rejected, during another clean up activity, as the acknowledgment email of the company said that they will react and invite to a job interview in 7 working days in case there is a match, what did not happen so far.

For the 2nd interview tomorrow morning everything is ready 😉. The presentation adjusted a little bit, the explainer video revised after a discussion with my wife and new questions and side information noted down for the expected discussion. I will keep you posted.

A BIG THANK YOU to my Mum and Dad, both are 80+, as they are regularly following my BLOG and reading the posts to stay updated. My Dad is printing the pages for my Mum to read and doing some supporting translation work, if needed 🤩. Really great to have this kind of support and interest, very much appreciated. 

With respect to celebrations, we have the #11,111 reader counter coming up shortly and the 1st anniversary of my BLOG on 04-Jul-17, the USA Independence day. Unbelievable how fast one year can pass by and how much content you can produce, besides doing a lot of other activities. I am really happy about the interest so far and the steady growth of readers week over week.

To keep you guys busy and motivated for the coming week, some interesting articles below, maybe you can find some value add stuff for yourself:

It is easier to recognize other people's mistakes than our own. — Daniel Kahneman (https://kahneman.socialpsychology.org/)

Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore. — Lord Chesterfield (http://www.quotationspage.com/quotes/Lord_Chesterfield/