28. Jun, 2017

HackerX a really interesting event yesterday ...

A busy day yesterday. In the morning the F2F jobinterview that I could arrange in less than 90 minutes after the initial job application. Really great 1.5 hours of discussion at an equal level. Going through my CV, my past experience and the pros and cons of taking a very different position in my age - "do you want to kick start a new challenge with a lot of uncertainties or stay inside your comfort zone for the remaining working years?" was the question of the day.   

As I am not a consultant and sales person by education there are challenges to be expected, no doubt about it. But on the other side a really interesting position in Digital Transformation consulting, I have different industries experience, come from the "customer side" and did no go through the standard socialisation of university graduates in large consulting companies. We both agreed to use the remainder of the week to think about my fit for the role and will take a decision next week Monday, if we will proceed with the hiring process or not. Some interesting days to come 🤭.

At 07.00 PM the HackerX event started, a kind of speed dating between startup companies (see the full list of 8 companies in the Photo album) and the currently very rare species of good software developers. I am definitely not a Software Developer (you need to know this - https://learning.linkedin.com/blog/tech-tips/want-to-be-a-developer--learn-these-programming-languages-first) and all companies had been too small for the position I am looking for, so no need to line up for a 5 minutes pitch and talk. More time to enjoy the environment, the hospitality and to do some baby-boomer investigation in the land of Generation X - Z (http://www.careerfaqs.com.au/news/news-and-views/workplace-warfare-baby-boomers-gen-x-and-gen-y).   

In a discussion with a developer I learned the following:

  • He is completely driven by his intrinsic motivation only (https://www.verywell.com/differences-between-extrinsic-and-intrinsic-motivation-2795384) .
  • He is just interested in enough money to fully cover his cost of living, no options no shares or anything else.
  • He loves the company he is working for, as it is like a family environment.
  • He is fully identified with his company and the technical solution they are working on.
  • They even have a full time feel good manager, taking care of infrastructure needs, food, drinks, the rest of the working environment and any other wish that might come up.
  • Possibly a single younger age person will see this differently than a mother or father with additional responsibility besides the work activities? We did not go into that detail.

One of the start-up company owners shared the following:

  • To initiate any speed dating talk, he is pitching his company and the product quickly.
  • He just wants to initiate a first understanding and interest in his company with the developer.
  • In the coming weeks he will contact all developers again, to check if they might be interested to work for him. He is driving the recruiting process, not the applicants.
  • In case of any agreed interview, there will be a detailed technical check of the development capabilities of all candidates. Playful assignments, to combine fun in solving the tasks and to get a detailed view of the available experience and skill set.
  • The key driver for a final decision are always the technical skills. As developers are very often like kids, he is not seeing any soft skill issues in his pool of candidate.
  • Biggest challenge is to get good developers quickly, as the "War for Talent" is still at high peak (https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/five-tips-win-war-talent-2017-meghan-m-biro) 🤨.

Interesting learning experience for me and great to see the world with other people's eyes. Can artificial intelligence (AI) or automated coding be an alternative? Possibly yes in some areas, but not in the early stage creative development cycles.

Have a look at:

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