2. Jul, 2017

My week fifty one summary ...

Only two readers left to reach #11,111, make use of the opportunity to win a prize.

Just finished a busy week with two job interviews and the Hacker-X event on Tuesday. I did apply for four new positions and got rejected for one, but with feedback immediately after one day, what is much better than to wait for weeks, sometimes even month.

As one example, how difficult finding the right candidate can be, the following story. I did apply for an IT management position mid Dezember 2016. I got rejected early February 2017. In April 2017 the position had been advertised again, but the company seemed to be in the final steps to fill the role. Just yesterday I have seen the advertisement again, first posting this time on 30-Jun-17. Looks like an endless story and raises a lot of questions, why it is so difficult to find the right match? Luckily not my issue anymore 🙂.

On the other side I got contacted yesterday by the headhunter company that wanted me as self-employed headhunter back in February 2017, if I still would be responsive for that kind of proposal. Could be an interesting add-on to my service portfolio, just in case I would be going for a self-employment career instead of a permanent position. We will see, how this goes.

And I finally got my certificate for the Digital Transformation Consultant education, so I passed all written exams - well done 😉.

Next week I have the decision call for the consulting position Monday afternoon and the ConCarExpo 2017 in Berlin on Wednesday (https://www.concarexpo.com/en/). And not to forget the 1st birthday of my BLOG, to be celebrated on 04-Jul-17. What a great learning experience for me in the last 363 days so far.

I wish you all a motivated and productive next week and the best possible life-work balance. Some articles below, just in case you have some spare time to read: 

“Courage is grace under pressure.” – Ernest Hemingway