3. Jul, 2017

Another very good benchmark for reaction time ...

I have to share another good example for how a process can work and should by the way. I did apply for an IT manager position via a headhunter company last Saturday (01-Jul-17). This morning I got a call from the headhunter and he did invite me for a F2F job interview for next week Monday 👍.

As good examples are always balanced by bad ones, sorry for that, I had to take three older applications off my tracking list today. The "recruiting experts" internal policy is, "if you do not hear back from us in three working weeks, do not expect a reaction anymore". Smart way to save effort on their side, but not an appreciative treatment of the candidates. Anyway, another name for my blacklist 😮.

To kick off the 1st birthday celebration of my BLOG tomorrow, I did prepare a small THANK YOU video with mysimpleshow for you, have a look at http://www.rethinkandfocus.com/435697793. Would be interesting to see your feedback, so please make use of the comment field or Guestbook, if you have time and are willing to share some words 🤭. 

Another woman approached me while I was having lunch at the Russian Tea Room in New York and told me that the reason she had become a lawyer was because she had read 'Rage of Angels'. To me, that kind of feedback has more meaning than any sales figures. Sidney Sheldon, American - Novelist February 11, 1917 - January 30, 2007