4. Jul, 2017

Happy Birthday rethinkandfocus.com

I am proud of 208 BLOG posts in the last 365 days and the growing interest in the thoughts, ideas and material I am providing. Thanks a lot to all readers for being a loyal audience, very much appreciated.

The expected decision about next steps for the consulting position did come late Monday as agreed last week. With a 2:1 decision of the managing directors it has been agreed that we will not proceed with next steps. My current skill set and experience was too far away from their requirements for the combined consulting and sales position. Would have been too much of a change for me, coming from an IT management position.

"Didn't they know this already after reading your CV?" was the immediate reaction of my wife and parents. Yes and No I would say. It is always better to have a F2F interaction with the candidate before you make a final judgement, especially for consulting and sales positions. The guy who did interview me last week was still very positive about the interview and me as a candidate, plus he was very detailed in his explanation of the decision taken by the company. Something, what is not common and very much appreciated by me, as feedback and some background information is always very helpful for future activities. Anyway we will stay in contact, as you always meet twice.

Looking forward to the 2nd year of my BLOG and the large number of comments and entries in the Guestbook from your side 👍, thanks in advance.

For the special day some special articles, maybe you find something of interest for yourself:

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