7. Jul, 2017

The AfA suddenly taking initiative ...

Yesterday I got an official letter from the AfA (Agentur fuer Arbeit) - the employment agency or government labor office. In the letter I found two job descriptions with the request to immediately apply and keep the AfA posted about the progress I am making. In the meetings with my AfA contact so far I always heard that they will not be able to find a job for me, as management positions and the salary level I am looking for, are not part of their standard scope and focus area. No problem for me I just had to provide my application statistics on a regular basis.

One of the AfA rules is related to the reduction of job requirements with respect to location, salary and content over time. The longer you are without employment, the more you have to go away from your initial requirements for your "dream position". You have to accept deviations and a worse match. In general I am fine, if somebody is proposing potential positions to me that I have overlooked or not found in my daily/weekly search jobs. But the two proposals from yesterday were just too far away from my expectation.

The one position was in a town 320 miles away from home, with a 35% lower salary and a much lower qualification level. The other one was closer by, but similar salary reduction and two expertise areas required that I could not cover. I did verify the details with both HR representatives and provided my feedback back to the AfA contact. Will be interesting to see, if my argumentation for not applying will be accepted in both cases? To be a "good soldier", I did apply for another position from the official AfA job portal today that was a much better fit to my requirements and expectations.  

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