12. Jul, 2017

After two busy days in a busy week ...

The meeting on Monday with the company looking for a self-employed headhunter colleague did go pretty well, we just have to agree a common start date yet. The company needs somebody ASAP, but I have to follow the guidelines of the government labor office. One of the required tasks is to get an expert sign off for the necessary business plan. I do have a first discussion in the so called "Starter Center" Friday morning this week.

Tuesday morning was the meeting with another headhunter for the very senior IT management position. All top secret, I still do not know the searching company name yet. By next week Friday I will hear back, if I am a potential candidate for the next rounds. Only if you are selected, you will get the company name. I do have some assumptions based on the discussion we had Tuesday, but nothing confirmed yet. After the interview I did go shopping with my wife, to celebrate her birthday.

Today I finished all required input for the business plan template, to be well prepared for the Friday morning review and discussion. A colleague from the DTC education did call me around noon time for a 1 hour chat. We will be meeting next week to prepare some review sessions of the training program he is currently preparing for his future customers. Looking forward to it, will be an interesting experience 🙂.

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