16. Jul, 2017

The week fifty three highlights.

Besides all the activities that I did already mention in my BLOG posts this week, I did apply for one new position. No rejection emails or being added to a candidate pool this week. But also no news about my applications from May and June, just one more week gone without any progress or status update information. Does not sound like an urgent need to fill the positions by the searching companies. As always, if you wait for something time is running very slow 😲.

This week I will be finishing my business plan. Besides the pure financial data there is some more content required, to describe the business idea, me as a person and my capabilities and prerequisites for the role. The necessary paperwork to get the foundation grant of the government labor office will be started Wednesday.

On top of the paperwork I will have to come up with my company and role name, maybe a logo and some other necessary pieces. The challenge could be to find a name that resonates well in German and English for international activities. Maybe RethinkAndFocus could be a good starting point?

Wish you all a sunny week and that you can fullfil your weekly plans. Below some interesting articles for you:

„Winners focus on winning. Losers focus on Winners.“ Michael Phelps (https://www.biography.com/people/michael-phelps-345192)