18. Jul, 2017

Youth Mania and Digitalization in Recruiting ...

Yes I am a Babyboomer  (https://www.careerfaqs.com.au/news/news-and-views/workplace-warfare-baby-boomers-gen-x-and-gen-y) and I am 54 years old, but for me personally I see myself much younger than the birth date in my passport. And according to the current German law I should not retire before the age of 67, so another 13 years to go. A very long time!!

When you talk to a lot of headhunters you get the impression that their customers are not looking for any candidate above the age of 45. Due to diversity laws in a lot of countries nobody will officially say this, but the signs behind the scenes are obvious 😲. And it is not only the higher salary expectation, due to the experience and expertise of 25+ years of working. There are other arguments like e.g.  - Not ready for the Digital Transformation - Issues to work with the Generation X, Y and Z - Agile development and Scrum teams - and many more ... 

😙 So why are companies following this 45- strategy in a time, where the "War for Talent" is still on and these companies are missing out a large number of available experts in the market place? 🤭

Interesting question and not easy to answer, but the focus is clearly on the younger generations, see 8 Innovative Ways Companies Are Using Virtual Reality to Recruit https://business.linkedin.com/talent-solutions/blog/future-of-recruiting/2017/8-innovative-ways-companies-are-using-virtual-reality-to-recruit?utm_source=feedblitz&utm_medium=FeedBlitzEmail&utm_content=946764&utm_campaign=0 for example. 😉 I see some similarities to the mobile phone operator business, all marketing money and effort goes into new customer canvassing, instead of keeping existing customers happy.

What are the alternatives?

  • There are still companies looking for older candidates, you just have to be the right guy at the right time and the right place. Could be a long journey.
  • You could reduce your requirements with respect to salary and position for example, but the company will question your approach and it is not good for you as well.
  • You could change your job focus with respect to industry and role, might be a difficult sell for both sides?
  • Increase your expertise levels with education, stay connected to current technology and trends, be young in mind and avoid resistance to any change.
  • Or open your own business and do what you want and feel, could be a success story.
  • to be continued ...

As a bonus today the following story from Jurgen Appelo Impact Spheres —Only If You Care About Change https://medium.com/impact-spheres/impact-spheres-only-if-you-care-about-change-e58b9d2c62ff you can apply here https://agilityscales.typeform.com/to/or12LE 

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