9. Aug, 2017

Who Let The Dogs (Talents) Out?

On the left another picture from - "The East Side Gallery, one of Berlin's most popular sights, is a former section of the Berlin Wall. After the Fall of the Wall, artists have turned it into the largest open-air gallery in the world with over one hundred paintings." See https://www.berlin.de/en/attractions-and-sights/3559756-3104052-east-side-gallery.en.html

This Post's headline related to Baha Men - Who Let The Dogs Out (Original version) 😉 at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qkuu0Lwb5EM

My "right placement" activities are taking off much better than expected, I am already at the border line for Adding Contacts and Sending Messages to people who are not my direct contact, even with my Premium XING account. You will never reach this, when you are on the job seeking side I would assume? Anyway alternative recruiting approaches and ideas are required now, I will start with the following as example:

Besides that I managed to get a meeting with key contacts of my outplacement company, to discuss opportunities for me as their external advisor or maybe lecturer for their current clients.

And finally the HR contact from the government position, to be staffed by Februray 2018, did contact me today. I did make it to the 2nd round 👍. Seems like their impression from my open Q&A session did beat the weaker impression of the more strict structured interview part. All my assumptions as you never get any usable feedback from HR people 😎.

More details will be shared when available ...

Details matter, it's worth waiting to get it right. —Steve Jobs

Some interesting stuff to look at: